Arabic Mosaic Tiles

After we’ve been introduced to Moroccan tiles, we’re going to talk about how to choose the right tile for your own home. Tiling your home will do wonders in every room of your home. A touch of the Arabic Mosaic tiles would absolutely give your home an impression of uniqueness. So whether in your bathroom, kitchen, or living room, it will certainly make your house more luxurious and elegant.

If the tiles are light-colored, it will give a luxurious and warm feeling, like for example those three colors (white, gray or beige) or you can choose the tile in more original colors like brown, red, or even green such as the traditional Arabic tiles. The result will be absolutely fascinating in either way. However, it should be borne in mind that maintaining the marble tile requires certain precautions in order to keep the brilliance.

Choosing your home decoration is always a pleasured thing to do, you can either do it by creating new shapes or by having the traditional Arabic tiles as an example.

To maintain the marble tile, forget the acid or chemical products. It can simply be waxed or coated with a waterproofing stain-resistant product specially designed for transit areas.

So if you are looking for a unique marvelous decoration for your home, a colored place of magical Arabian touch, The Arabic mosaic tiles is definitely your goal.

You can, of course, put marble tile in all the rooms of your house and add to it a magnificent design by picking some Arabic mosaic tiles as the theme in one corner or even to all of your houses, Thanks to the numerous finishes available today, the marble tile adapts to all your desires. Brilliant, patinated, polished, or aged, tiles can be put in different places.

Bright tiles are advised to be put in entrance to give more distinction and welcoming feeling This one of kind of Arabic tiles are very suitable for bathrooms.

The veined marble is more suitable in a kitchen or a bathroom. This veined tile makes traces of water or dust less visible.
In a staircase, tiles steps must suit the iron railing.

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Moroccan style tiles : Outdoor, Bathroom, Pool & Kitchen

Moroccan fish scales are tiles that are drawn according to the old Mediterranean civilization. It shows the creativity of the Moorish people who were known for their brilliant gift in the field of tiles. This kind of tiles is a stylized fish design pattern that is perfectly favorite by people who are looking for an alternative for their interior design, including floorswallsbathroomskitchen, and patios

Moroccan fish scales inspirited by the glistening movement of the sea. Fish scales are so steady and strong in other words they are resistance against heavy stuffs. Besides, they are made of the best mud in the markets. Also, they are perfectly made by professional craftsmen who inherited their skills from their M’aalam. The craftsmen use all of their talent and knowledge to result from very amazing tiles that impress the clients. Their unique shape style is beautifully versatile and visually pleasing the beholders. Moreover, adding the fish scales to your home bring a timeless looks accompanied with the Moroccan touch and feeling. Besides, Their design features is the perfect choice that a person would love to use as a chic interior design . As well as, their soft surface design makes them easy to wash in a short period of time just by using a small towel dampened with a little water. Our Tiles can be used for Bathroom, Kitchen, Pool, Outdoor, Floor & Wall… See Our Category of Tiles (High-Quality Tile ):

Moroccan mosaic tiles

Moroccan artisans factory puts its expertise, passion at the disposal to carry out the best quality tiles project. Our mission is to represent the excellence of Moroccan tiles and to bring the level of tiles offer to international standards. 

Our tile company keeps. the traditions of the  Moroccan zellige and uses the efficiency of modern technology to keep up with present times. Our tile company also offers the best price tiles that you can’t find anywhere. 

Our Moroccan Tiles can be used for different places; large or small surfaces and also for all kind of buildings: houses, hotels, restaurants, School… Within our tile company we have more than 50 skilled local artisans that work on the designs and manufacture and always make on-trend products. 

Our tiles factory company pays attention even to the small details because our aim is to bring satisfaction and contentment to our clients. Visitors from all over the globe purchase Tiles from our Moroccan tile Factory because they know that we don’t sell words, we sell the best quality products for amazing deals that you can’t find in any other place. Our clients don’t waste their time researching for other options to buy from, because we have build trust in them and they become loyal to our Moroccan tiles Moroccan artisans team will always be at your disposal 24/24 and 7/7. 

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Modern Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles amaze people with its authentic and diverse details. It is one of the most beautiful tiles in the world. The Moroccan tiles first appeared in the Byzantine dynasty. It was first colored with shades of white and brown. It then flourished in the 14th century under the Merinide dynasty with blue, green and yellow colors. 

The manufacturing has changed a little since the Merinides. Today tiles are used in all traditional Moroccan buildings as a sign of bourgeoisie, Moroccan tiles are used in floors, walls, and buildings such as palaces, houses, raids and also mosques…. Moroccan tiles are also among the most creative and amazing tiles in the world. 

A lot of countries use Moroccan artisans to help them in the construction of buildings and mosques. Since Moroccan tiles have become very widespread they are no longer using it only in traditional Moroccan buildings but also in modern ones. People use Moroccan tiles for kitchen decoration, bathrooms, Hammams (traditional bathroom), pools … The Moroccan tiles are prepared in a traditional way by mixing clay with water. 

After the obtention of the right paste, they spread it on the ground. Then, they put the paste in wood molds with two square compartments and adjust the paste by using special knives. While the clay is still wet they cut it into different shapes and sizes. The final step is tiles coloring and the application of a final layer of clay to hold everything together. Our factory is known for the best Moroccan tiles thanks to the excellent quality of the clay and also the help of our local artisans who always give new color ideas and modify the shapes in order to make the tiles more appealing for our visitors. All Our Moroccan Tiles can be used for the Bathroom, Kitchen, Pool, Outdoor, Floor & Wall.. See Our Category of Tiles (High-Quality Tile ):