Moroccan Fish Scales Tile

Have you ever think of changing your interior design with something that is authentic and exotic at the same time?

Have you ever heard about the Moroccan Fish Scales Tile for your interior design?

Well if you are wondering about Moroccan fish scales tile here you will get your answer. Moroccan fish scales are extremely popular nowadays due to their amazing and fabulous style. This later captivates the viewers from all the segments. They are designed to impress the clients who are in love with ancient and traditional interior design. 

Moroccan fish scales tile have a soft concrete design look which makes it easy to wash. As well as, get rid of dirt in just a few seconds using a sponge dampened with a little water. They can be perfectly used on the entire spaces of home since they are available in Small Moroccan Fish Scales TilesMedium Moroccan Fish Scales Tiles, and Large Moroccan Fish Scales Tiles size depending on the person’s wishes. 

Moreover, they are undoubtedly perfect as design features in different homes; offering an intensive look and bring gaiety to the eyes of the beholders. Besides, Moroccan fish scales tile are so versatile and durable which means that they last so long in the targeted space with no change in terms of color and fabric. This amazing fish scales are perfectly standing over time and always look as good as new.

Its soft concrete design makes it easy to wash. As well as, getting rid of dirt in just a few seconds using a sponge dampened with a little water. Their quality is the best among all the tiles in the worldwide because they are original and no imitation from the supermarket.

Briefly, for those who want a very exotic and traditional interior design. Moroccan Fish scales tile are the best option for your home since they add a luxurious aesthetic touch to any place.

The manufacturing has changed a little since the Merinides. Today tiles are used in all traditional Moroccan buildings as a sign of bourgeoisie, Moroccan tiles are used in floors, walls, and buildings such as palaces, houses, raids and also mosques….

Moroccan tiles are also among the most creative and amazing tiles in the world. A lot of countries use Moroccan artisans to help them in the construction of buildings and mosques. Since Moroccan tiles have become very widespread they are no longer using it only in traditional Moroccan buildings but also in modern ones.

People use Moroccan tiles for kitchen decoration, bathrooms, Hammams (traditional bathroom), pools …

The Moroccan tiles are prepared in a traditional way by mixing clay with water. After the obtention of the right paste, they spread it on the ground. Then, they put the paste in wood molds with two square compartments and adjust the paste by using special knives. While the clay is still wet they cut it into different shapes and sizes.

The final step is tiles coloring and the application of a final layer of clay to hold everything together.

Our factory is known for the best Moroccan tiles thanks to the excellent quality of the clay and also the help of our local artisans who always give new color ideas and modify the shapes in order to make the tiles more appealing for our visitors.

All Our Moroccan Tiles can be used for Bathroom, Kitchen, Pool, Outdoor, Floor & Wall..

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The Traditional Designs of the Moroccan Zellige Tiles and Mosaic

have a substantial historical background; it reflects on the traditional design, furthermore, it exists almost at every Moroccan house; or an old building in the empyreal Medinas such as Fez and Marrakech. The  Moroccan Zellige tiles or the Moroccan Mosaic; are  traditionally handmade by artisans and handicrafts; from  perspicuous natural clay and cement, mixte with water; shapes by hand and cooked in fire kilns; with a touch of the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East region influence on the design; it is the unique traditional design; that makes the Moroccan Zellij tiles so charming and beautiful; the joyful colored glass and the patchy finishing in different shapes and sizes; making the Moroccan zellige always look as good as new with age; like historic pieces of art . The reason behind these traditional design, as they say, is that; when the Moores were exiled from Spain; and they moved to Morocco, they brought with them a variety of artistic techniques, from  Europe of course, including the unique way of painting ceramic tiles; that consists of complex geometrical forms ;using mathematical structures. the origin of the designs is due to the artistic limitations of Muslims; who were not allowed to depict living beings or portrays; therefore expressed themselves through geometrical forms, shapes, and Islamic star patterns. During the Marinid dynasty in  Morocco, the  Moroccan Zellige became a symbol of sophistication and wealth; only the high born families and the noble who could afford this kind of de or in their houses and palaces, as a luxurious touch.  

after that the  Moroccan zellige it was further elevated and popularized, the ornamenting walls, fountains, tables, garnished doors, floors, ceilings, everywhere,  in the entire cities even in the Mosques. The Moroccan tiles and that traditional designs became more and more wanted with time, because of the fancy flair they give to the house and their exotic joyful colors.

People nowadays are turning towards the Moroccan-inspired home style; to make their homes more comfortable; with a Moroccan touch, however, Moroccan traditional design; does not need extensive space, unlike many other styles. Complete with the intricate
Moroccan patterns and colorful zellige tiles on the floor, and a few pieces of Moroccan furniture. The traditional designs of the Moroccan zellige tiles; give the experience of space and architecture and show the living traditions of the Islamic culture. You can use these tiles on walls, floors, anywhere in your home. So, If you are planning to decorate your own home on the Moroccan style, using Moroccan tiles; then the Moroccan tiles are a perfect choice, not to mention that most interior designers recommend it; That is due to two prominent reasons; the first, it’s their sophisticated designs and textures patterns; and the second is those smooth colors that add to the space a subtle exotic flair. One of the most striking installations of the Moroccan zellige and tiles is; in the lounge or the living rooms on the wall; a garnished table; a fountain or whatever you desire. If you look in the Islamic city context; you ‘re gonna find that; there is no facade, in the old medina, the houses are stuck one to another; and the streets are soo narrow, but the Islamic architecture gave its attention to the courtyard; and that is why; we find the courtyards to be the most significant part in the house; well decorated with zellige and gypsum ; and carved wood doors; and with a hole in the ceiling; for the sunlight and a water fountains in the center . It is known that North African countries are more of a hot climate; most of the year; so that is why; in Moroccan tiles; we see the blue, and the green and yellow colors; used excessively. so in days when its burning hot, it would be an excellent, yet comforting thing to see those colors; that remind us of nature and running waters. All Our Moroccan Tiles can be used for Bathroom, Kitchen, Pool, Outdoor, Floor & Wall.. See Our Category of Tiles ( High Quality Tile ):

Moroccan Mosaic Tile

How About Adding a Vintage Touch to Your Home With Our Moroccan Mosaic Tiles?

Moroccan Mosaic Tile

Moroccan Mosaic Tile a traditional craft, which is learned from generation to generation. Mosaic is originally from Islamic culture which is one of the main characteristics of Moroccan architectureMoroccan mosaic tile dates back to a very long time, at first it was simple and with only two colors, white & brown, but with time it contained all colors and shapes. The beauty of the Moroccan Mosaic Tile can be displayed on water fountains, interior walls as well as mosques and tombs, usually to show wealth and sophistication. To make mosaic it requires skilled craftsmen, starting with

art by choosing the design and where it should be placed, first it needs to calculate the pieces that need to be cut into all the various shapes, then colored by locally made colors, then the mosaic tiles are handed to the next craftsmen that put them together in order to achieve the wanted design, clued by cement, and the mosaic is ready to be placed in its spot. The Moroccan mosaic tile has a huge historical background, and it exists at almost every Moroccan house, with different shapes and sizes, it gives beauty to a plain space. These sophisticated pieces of

beneficial besides being a captivating art, they keep the house cool during the summer. This charming art is well known to be made in Fes city as well as Meknes city, but the main factories are located in Fes the imperial city. Our Moroccan Tiles can be used for the Bathroom, Kitchen, Pool, Outdoor, Floor & Wall. See Our Category of Tiles (High-Quality Tile 

The Art of Moroccan Tiles

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Moroccan tiles suppliers

We are one of Moroccan tiles Suppliers, and our tiles are handmade with the dedication of master skilled craftsmen using high-quality materials to a real traditional Moroccan tile. We are specialists in traditional

 Moroccan tiles suppliers are owned by  Moroccan Tiles Factory, who has been involved in this craft for a long time. Our company is well known to make

Moroccan mosaicMoroccan zellij, accessible to our clients around the world. Our skilled craftsmen are continuously designing, creating, and producing the highest quality Moroccan Tiles, Moroccan mosaic, Moroccan zellij, attesting to our expertise in the field of Moroccan design and decorMoroccan tiles or Moroccan zellij is an art of putting in ceramic pieces that will form in the end several complex geometrical forms. Our master craftsmen are specialized in this art, for they learned how to design and create shapes by tiles at a very early age. Our unique Moroccan tiles used to be a symbol to express wealth for famous families. The best Moroccan tiles are made in Fez, that’s why we “Moroccan tiles suppliers” are situated in Fez to provide to our customers the best flawless Moroccan tile. Moroccan tiles suppliers aim to achieve the beauty of our Moroccan tiles, there are several steps. First is finding good quality clay, which is well known to have a lot in Fez city. Second, the clay needs to be soft by putting it in the water, after it needs to be dried by the natural heat.

Then comes the turn of craftsmen which making the tile to the desired shape, flat or square, and then to store them in a cool place, after this the tiles are painted by hand, and be placed in the natural wood-fired kilns to be cooked evenly.

Next is the most important step where master craftsmen cut and shape the small pieces.

In the end, the tiles are put together and glued to form medium squares, ready to be installed.

Moroccan tiles suppliers make sure to serve the most genuine Moroccan tiles through these steps.

We also make sure you receive your Tiles fast and safe with our contracted famous shipping companies such as UPS, DHL, Containers, etc.

Moroccan tiles suppliers offer a collection of handmade Moroccan tiles for a wholesale to enjoy the Moroccan touch in your interior design.

All Our Moroccan Tiles can be used for Bathroom, Kitchen, Pool, Outdoor, Floor & Wall..
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