Moroccan fish scales are tiles that are drawn according to the old Mediterranean civilization. It shows the creativity of the Moorish people who were known for their brilliant gift in the field of tiles. This kind of tiles is a stylized fish design pattern that is perfectly favorite by people who are looking for an alternative for their interior design, including floorswallsbathroomskitchen, and patios

Moroccan fish scales inspirited by the glistening movement of the sea. Fish scales are so steady and strong in other words they are resistance against heavy stuffs. Besides, they are made of the best mud in the markets. Also, they are perfectly made by professional craftsmen who inherited their skills from their M’aalam. The craftsmen use all of their talent and knowledge to result from very amazing tiles that impress the clients. Their unique shape style is beautifully versatile and visually pleasing the beholders. Moreover, adding the fish scales to your home bring a timeless looks accompanied with the Moroccan touch and feeling. Besides, Their design features is the perfect choice that a person would love to use as a chic interior design . As well as, their soft surface design makes them easy to wash in a short period of time just by using a small towel dampened with a little water. Our Tiles can be used for Bathroom, Kitchen, Pool, Outdoor, Floor & Wall… See Our Category of Tiles (High-Quality Tile ):

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