Terms & Conditions

  • 1.Our Products

    Moroccan cement tiles, mosaic tiles, hand painted tiles, Bejmat tiles, glazed fish scale tiles. All our tiles are handmade by of the Moroccan Artisans in fez city Morocco; our tiles must be considered and treated carefully in a similar manner to a natural product. Our Moroccan mosaic tiles and the Encaustic or pressed cement tiles are made from natural materials including clay, crushed marble, and granite, cement. And color pigments The Subtle color variations and mottling within each tile are typical characteristics which do not compromise the performance of the tiles but does add to their handcrafted appeal. Our Moroccan tiles have been certified to conform and apply to the international standard for Cement Tiles code.

  • 2. Measurements

    Please ensure that all measurements given are accurate, and correct in all details, Our Company does not accept returns due to miss measurement. All goods must be inspected upon delivery. No responsibility can be accepted if this is not done. When Moroccan Tiles Manufactuers LLC provides or estimates from plans sent by the customer, it is the responsibility of the customer or their installer to ensure that the quantities shown are correct.

  • 3. Application

    Our Moroccan tiles are suitable for different spaces and floor surfaces, and they can be used on residential traffic floors; kitchens, bathrooms, backsplash, fireplace, offices, pools, gardens, halls, Balcony or Rooftops. both on wet and dry spaces indoors and outdoors.

  • 4. External Usage

    Our Moroccan Tiles are suitable for external usage installing tiles outside in gardens, pools, Rooftops.

  • 5. Internal Usage In Wet Area

    Our mosaic tiles and cement tiles are Suitable for use in showers as well as steam showers, saunas, and submerged water applications such as pools, fountains and water lines. Our company will not be held responsible for material failures resulting from use over a damaged, defective or improperly prepared surface replacement of tile. We highly recommend the installer to treat the laid tiles with an additional layer of sealant to the Surface of the tiles, to prevent exterior damage and to enhance the lifetime and the longevity of the tile’s colors. Our company is happy to further discuss the design of your project and your expectations and specifications with the chosen tile. Please reach us to ensure you receive the kind of tiles wanted for your project.

  • 6. Shipment Inspection

    Our company offers Freight out to the site. We work with international Architectures, we participate in buildings, our company is certified by the Government, custom made under your request, and we have contracts with different shipping companies (CONTAINERS, DHL, FEDEX, TNT, POST…). You can track the shipment by the tracking number which the shipping company will provide with. Shipment on airways takes 1 week. Shipment on containers takes 1-month. If the order was shipped then the damage claim must be submitted by the party that paid for the shipping. In that case, Insurance will be in charge. For commercial applications where a specific slip-resistance rating is required, encaustic cement tiles can be surface-treated to achieve that desired rating. For more detail about that please contact us on contact@moroccan-tiles-manufacturers.com

  • 7. Order Process

    All orders must be received in writing – the quote dated and signed. Orders can be placed online at www.moroccan-tiles-manufacturers.com or directly by email to contact@moroccan-tiles-manufacturers.com The payment shall constitute acceptance of these “Terms and Conditions” In case of Cancellation of an order, there will be no refunds. Moroccan tiles Manufacturers LLC act as a tile supplier and manufacturer . we are happy to assist in calculations of Sqm (m²) or ft² areas needed, however, our company takes no responsibility in the incorrect calculations when assisting. It is up to the client or interior designer to confirm with our calculations or present us with final calculations for their projects. The Moroccan Tiles Manufacturers LLC recommends placing a minimum addition of 10% to 15% of wastage for each order.

  • 8. Disclaimer

    Visitor comments may be checked through an automated spam detection service.All claims must be submitted to our company before tear out and re-install begins. Our company will not be responsible for material failures resulted by natural disasters or shipment damages. The Insurance Company will handle it not our company.

  • 9. Payment Method

    We accept all payments with credit card.

  • 10. Privacy Policy

    Visitor comments may be checked through an automated spam detection service. The Moroccan tiles factory is dedicated to keeping your details private. We do not pass on or sell swap any of your private details with anyone. We use this information to identify your orders, provide you with our newsletter and to personalize your shopping experience with us. At any time users can choose not to receive information by informing us on contact@moroccan-tiles-manufacturers.com